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I wish every one a happy new year!! Please get home safe for any and all parties and make new new years resolutions ^^

For all my fellow Shintoist, may the kami bless you with good luck, good wealth and good health. For everyone else, may your god, goddess, or what you pray to do the same!

Happy new year everyone! Draw the world beautifully
The look my family gave me when I pulled out a bundle of dick shaped lollipops and told them to pick one as a Xmas gift XD

The look of 'what the fuck!! *Sign* this is so you.'

One month core raffle!!

Fri Dec 23, 2016, 7:43 AM
winners announced!! see you guys next year! 

Details in this poll…

Please let others know and spread the love!

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all art on hold (update!!!)

Wed Dec 14, 2016, 6:17 AM
computer guy with magic fingers fixed it!! he literally just hit the power button and it turned back on. guess it knew that he was going to take is apart so it decided to act right XD

all art back on schedule!!

all art will be on hold for a while. my tablet that I use for all my art has broken.
it will not turn on so I'm out of my main source
drawing. I may do a bit of traditional for a while but that will be without backgrounds as I'm not good at BG in traditional.

this includes 
-all payments
-art trades (sorry guys)
-and any art of my own -_- 

ill try to buy a new tablet before or around Christmas
but that will be around 200$ :faint:
(but the lessen this blow ill be selling two fur suit heads in the coming days)

sorry about his guys :(

tagging people who need to know
9nails, kittenAX,
Wolfchick36, Lvcifurs (was almost done with these :cry:)
NachttOwl (will finish this in traditional or lit.)

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kukuri pups for sale

Tue Dec 13, 2016, 9:02 AM
just got my breeding results back and i want to cry! :iconlazycryplz:
i really wanted a t least ONE jade!! but alas, i got not.

so im selling off the two that im not really that attacked to
Sea Green Bullet - F2U! -->open
Turquoise Bullet - F2U!  -->on hold
Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U!  --> sold…
Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U!  1) Common Kukuri - Female - Healthy
Collared Amber
Folded ears, Kirin horns
Diurnal, Carnivore


Sea Green Bullet - F2U! 3) Common Kukuri - Female - Healthy
Hooded Amber
Regular ears, Para horn
Crepuscular, Carnivore
+1 spd

all of there are offer based.
what im really looking for
-geno trade
     (jade Please )

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Holiday art trade??

Mon Dec 12, 2016, 8:16 AM
id really like to do a holiday art.

personality, i an Shinto so a shrines or tori would be lovely ^^

if you'd like to do one, let me know what holiday/ BG you'd like
i know i cant do more than one or two as i have a commission i
need to finish up but i thought id ask ^^

id love the trade to be for one of these babes

Izaya Human Ref by TwistedLunatic Izaya ref sheet by TwistedLunatic
Dante higaki ref sheet 2015 by TwistedLunatic
Roman by TwistedLunatic

*izaya and dante are mates. would
love to see them together, but not needed.
id do a couple for you too.

**Roman has a mate too Coma
but again doing them together is not need.

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check out felvargs

Sat Dec 10, 2016, 2:51 PM
check out :iconfelvargs:

its a good group!!!

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all gone

Sat Dec 3, 2016, 4:53 PM
i got my first breed back for my Shivali and i didn't get anything
i really want to keep so im selling them all

i Will also talk slots to kukuri or Shivali or goods for crafting

Kal Drogo 452 by Shivali-LorekeeperX Izanami 459 by Shivali-Lorekeeper…

1) Male, Healthy
Onyx with Underside
Standard Mane, Standard Ears, Standard Tail
given to the loft

2) Female, Healthy
Onyx with Underside, Stripe
Standard Mane, Standard Ears, Standard Tail
given to the loft

3) Female, Healthy
Onyx with Underside
Standard Mane, Standard Ears, Standard Tail
given to the loft

4) Female, Healthy
Onyx with Underside, Stripe, Mask
Standard Mane, Standard Ears, Standard Tail
FP/EP  pups…

1) Male, Healthy
Onyx with Underside, Ombre
Standard Mane, Standard Ears, Standard Tail
given to the loft

2) Male, Healthy
Onyx with Underside, Mask
Standard Mane, Short Ears, Standard Tail
given to the loft

3) Male, Healthy
Onyx with Underside
Standard Mane, Short Ears, Standard Tail
on hold for Snowwolf213  0/30 EP/FP

4) Male, Healthy
Onyx with Underside, Mask
Standard Mane, Short Ears, Standard Tail
given to the loft

all art is for any of these guys
Kal Drogo 452 by Shivali-Lorekeeper Izanami 459 by Shivali-Lorekeeper Mufasa 442 by Shivali-Lorekeeper Sirius 294 by Shivali-Lorekeeper Sawsbuck 1021 by Kuku-ri Ocehb 889 by Kuku-ri
Ah and Un 881 by Kuku-ri Tzipora 290 by Kuku-ri Kaoru and Hikaru 534 by Kuku-ri
The Black Reaper 493 by Kuku-ri Apollo 264 by Kuku-ri Peka 241 by Kuku-ri

if you need handlers for shivali
Sheep   Adoptable   By Blueduskwolf-d872sb1 by TwistedLunatic Roman by TwistedLunatic

all kuku are wild

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trading uncommon mark kukuri

Thu Dec 1, 2016, 1:27 PM
i got my uncommon egg hatched not long ago
and i ended up with marble. i really REALLY hate marble!!!
so im looking to trade it. I dont really care much about the
base color but i do want something that is also uncommon.

curly muff is welcomed same with snowflake
but ill look at everything

i will also take a slot or two to a rare horn horn.
unicorn would be awesome!!…
Congratulations! You hatched

Common Kukuri - Male - Healthy
Marbled Crimson with Dalmatian and Underbelly
High ears, para horn
Crepuscular, omnivore

---------------------------------------- SSS:Unknown
------------------- SS: Unknown
---------------------------------------- SSD: Unknown
Sire: Eastern alpha male 2
---------------------------------------- SDS: Unknown
------------------- SD: Tinma 004
---------------------------------------- SDD: Unknown
---------------------------------------- DSS: Unknown
------------------- DS: Rento 041
---------------------------------------- DSD: Unknown
Dam: Eastern alpha female 1
---------------------------------------- DDS: Unknown
------------------- DD: Unknown
---------------------------------------- DDD: Unknown

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CLOSED! Thanks everyone

Fri Nov 25, 2016, 7:45 AM

I got the core deal! So no more slots are on offer. Thanks to everyone who bought.

i want to get a core membership while this deal is going on.
so im selling slots to all my ARPG speices that can breed
*deep breathe*

  Apollo 264 by Kuku-ri 
Mika 479 by Reos-Empire  Tasia 4580 by EyeOfGalyx  Alucard 5599 by EyeOfGalyx
Kitty 3328 by EyeOfGalyx  Ningannel 950 by EyeOfGalyx  Thranduil 813 by EyeOfGalyx
Mangrove 347 by EyeOfGalyx Izanami 459 by Shivali-Lorekeeper Kal Drogo 452 by Shivali-Lorekeeper

soon to be able to breed
Kenskii 572 by Reos-Empire  Amara 5772 by EyeOfGalyx 
  Sirius 294 by Shivali-Lorekeeper
im working on getting them to trails/EOG done now

most are slots are 500 points (5) but my chiro is 2000 (20$)

GOAL = 3000 (30$)

price and slots available
5$--> Tasia = 1
5$-->Thranduil = 4
5$ -->mangrove = 10
5$--> kitty = 5
5$--> Mika =3
5$ --> Peka (infected so mush breed soon)= 8
5$--> Apollo = 8

slots sold or on hold
Areetala  to tzipora [500 :points:] paid
-- to Izanami [300/500 :points: paid]
anotherarpg to tasia [500 :point:]

Skin by SimplySilent
so i have like 27$ worth of bauble that
im looking to trade for CR. i think
CR is about 1.00$ to 100CR so im looking for about
that for it. but i will take less


ill buy items (kukuri) with the bauble.
so if you have a bones or pelts ill buy them with bauble.

Thanks everyone!! and happy black Friday!

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Tue Nov 22, 2016, 3:53 PM

groups import by TwistedLunatic

combined 1 and 2
Twisted Harp2 by Cheesecake-Easybake and 2 by TwistedLunatic

everyone who designed one will get paid. so dont
think by pick one over the other that two artist get nothing.

everyone got something!! ^^
im not heartless in making people design something and no pay them.

 please pick one or just put them in order of you most fave…
1) Female - Common Harpia
Nocturnal - Healthy
Soil Aurora with Unders

i really love the design of north
North 2820 by EyeOfGalyx Aella 5561 by EyeOfGalyx
Fruit Rollup 5044 by EyeOfGalyx Warden 4513 by EyeOfGalyx
Debuff 4762 by EyeOfGalyx

my favs are north and warden.

name your price for the design.
i can offer
-slots to any of my birds or kukuri that can breed
(but i dont have much money, so that's limited)

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looking for chiro male to breed to (split clutch)

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 6, 2016, 5:21 PM

i want to breed my female, legendary, chiro to.
im looking for a split clutch.

if the clutch only yelds one pup, i dont mind breeding again.
mine girl is legendary, so she has a TON of slots!!

Alucard 5599 by EyeOfGalyx

these are the only two in her lineage
Gravitas 5568 by EyeOfGalyx Eclipse 5567 by EyeOfGalyx

ill do multiples!! i will not turn down anyone!!
i just want another baby....or seven 

slots to//
2) Lvci --> Cionaodh 5570 by EyeOfGalyx

3) ProfGinkgo --> if male chiro is rolled

Stay Twisted, my friend

Help ecanusiofiel Snake!!

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 4, 2016, 8:01 PM

Ecanusiofiel is selling a few of her stryx to get her snake to the vet.
if you can help, please do!! she has some good birdie for sell and for pretty cheap too!

here is the journal!
if you cant get one, please spread the word.
it all helps!!

Stryx Clearout! RARES MUST GO!

She is selling a chiro, Sand band semi custom geno for only 135$!!

Stay Twisted, my friend

(+18 WARNING) siamese twin masturbate, what is it?

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 3, 2016, 8:04 AM

ok odd question i know, but my roommate and i are killing each other over it.

ok so, Siamese twins, one body two heads, if one touches themselves is it masturbation or sex?

here is the full story, i have a oc (a kukuri) who is an orthus (two head) if they fell in love with each other and had 'sex' would it be masturbation or sex. they have the same body so one 'member' but one controls one hand and they other controls the other. they BOTH feel the with hands. so if one on one side touches something the other can feel it too.
IF they had 'sex' what would it be?!

sex or masturbation??

tagging my damn roommate ShadeBioHazard 
for making me ask this shit.

Stay Twisted, my friend

Myo contest and raffle (not mine)

Fri Oct 14, 2016, 9:17 AM

selling or trading stryx

Mon Oct 10, 2016, 7:16 PM

im starting to notice that i really, REALLY hate drawing birds. im in no way good at it and i have a ton of stryx that i dont draw.  recently ive been draw kukuri, a lot and i love them. no feathers XD so im selling or trading uploaded, designed, and stryx genos

these are what i have

Ogon no tor 3674 by EyeOfGalyx
asking 5$

all of the them are for USD and FP/EP/CP/AP
id love for all point payments to be for the Halloween events
The Fungal Contamination [EVENT]
The Great Harvest (2016)

Niel 1121 by EyeOfGalyx
M Common tyto

1) Male - Common Corva
Crepuscular - Healthy
Flecked Soil

Leenali 4117 by EyeOfGalyx

Tirnel 2869 by EyeOfGalyx

Legolas 1388 by EyeOfGalyx
M Common harpia
Soil with Ink, Unders and Blanket
has eogs and 50 ap

Galeth AP tracker

3(colored(2) fullbody(1))
+3(biorhythm-correct bg)
+1(own art)
+2(extra stryx)
Total = 13
3(colored(2) fullbody(1))
+1(own art)
+2(extra stryx)
Total = 12



4(colored(2) shaded(1) fullbody(1))
+3(biorhythm-correct bg)
+1(own art)
+2(extra stryx)
12*2 =24
4(colored(2) shaded(1) fullbody(1))
+1(own art)
+2(extra stryx)
24+22= 46
Total =46 

4(colored(2) shaded(1) fullbody(1))
+3(biorhythm-correct bg)

1) Female - Common Harpia+++
Nocturnal - Healthy
Frosted Snow Pangare…
+++even tho she is not upload she comes with 115 AP
asking 20$

Twisted battle kukuri

Tue Oct 4, 2016, 4:08 PM

    battle ready fighter!!!

                        link your kukuri too!!

------------------------------------             ----------

Apollo 264 by Kuku-ri

give me my orders and let me fight!


The Black Reaper 493 by Kuku-ri
Let me at 'em! I'll kill 'em dead!

MedicKaoru and Hikaru 534 by Kuku-ri

You're not allowed to die yet! im here to help!
koura and hikaru

Tzipora 290 by Kuku-ri
just hold still, ima help ya

Ocehb 889 by Kuku-ri
0/100 infected!!!
Thanks to all who helped!!
Peka 241 by Kuku-ri
7/100 Infected!!

Thanks to all who helped!!

Looking for galyx stryx breeding slot

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 3, 2016, 6:58 AM

I have two galyx gryph slot that I'm looking for use. Unfortunately, they are siblings and one of the owners will NOT allow inbreeding. If you have a galyx stryx, I'd gladly split the clutch with you. These are the two pretties

Sleepy Skies 4768 by EyeOfGalyx he is legendary! Can't inbreed :(
Phoenix 4802 by EyeOfGalyx she is omega

Im working on three more slots to a galyx harpia
Cassiopeia 4970 by EyeOfGalyx (I have one slot paid off)

So in total I have 5 slots. I can trade a slot to the harpia if needed but split would be good too. I can  use my three breeding slots, if you use two of yours.  Only thing I ask is that I get first pick. I'm really only looking to get one or two galyx birds. If we get more, them we can sell them or keep them or what ever we want.

Stay Twisted, my friend

drawing purity, looking to do a collab!

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 2, 2016, 5:50 PM

I'm about to start my purity trials for my baby kenskii and id love to do a collab!
This is kenskii
Kenskii 572 by Reos-Empire

if you want, we can break it down
You do one trial, I do one, and we collab on the last one
That way we are not doing three collab. Or we can do three. ^^
If more than one person wants to do a collab, I can divide her trials up and do collab
with more than on person.

Ex: - bob and I will collab on the sustain trial 
- Sally and I do the loyalty trial

Let me know if you want to do one.
Art level mean nothing, lets just have fun!!

Stay Twisted, my friend